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A day long trek in the Sahyadaris or exploring an ancient cave can be a great way to get your team to bond with each other and help build stronger and more effective working relationships. Having worked with companies such as Huntsman and Boehringer Ingelheim, and seen the positive impact an outdoor adventure can have on a team, we are forever driven to provide the best to our clients.To know more, contact us and we’ll make sure your team loves you for choosing Trailblazers!

Plan a Adventure Programs in India or Abroad, exclusively designed for your family or kids.

We can design a unique, once in a lifetime experience for your kids? Our 25 years of planning and organising camps makes us your trusted partner. You just need to get your family or kids together. True us to manage the rest.

Camps For Corporates

Adventure Programs are designed to help your team members learn something challenging from the outdoors. We hope to engage them in team activities and infuse positive attitude by helping them together live the uncertain, and accomplish the impossible.'

Our activities keep them excited & engaged, while they breathe fresh air, climb mountains, and explore and absorb from nature.

Our recent Adventure Programs

  • Bali- The Coral Kingdom
  • 7 Days
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • All year

Experience the verdant, lush landscapes of Bali with a tailor-made adventure program filled with exciting experiences.

Bali offers travellers an unforgettable journey steeped in culture and natural beauty. Choose between all kinds of adventure sports including Scuba Diving to trigger the adrenaline rush, and then return to the serene embrace of Bali’s spas to treat yourself to luxury.

Explore the city on a bicycle tour which takes you through spectacular sights and sounds to witness the vibrant and dynamic life in Bali. Experience a breath-taking cultural performance showcasing the long tradition of dance, and visit a local centre to learn more about the conservation efforts in Bali, and soak in the marketplace to discover new trinkets to take home.

Whichever way you look at it, Bali is an unforgettable setting to have as a backdrop for your company’s outbound program.

Request an Adventure Programs in India or Abroad, exclusively designed for your Team.

Looking for a unique, once in a lifetime experience? We customise camps for groups of more than 10 guests. You just need to get your group together, we do the rest.

Travel . Explore . Learn

Our camps are custom designed to help corporate teams learn from mother nature. Each camp offers an unforgettable outdoor experience and help develop leaderships qualities, beliefs and independence of thought; all in a fun way with the help of our professionally trained and friendly outdoor trainers. Please click a camp to view details of our camp experience, past camps, and hear what corporate have to say about their experiences.

Treks & Trails

Treks & Trails

Adventure according to us is trying something new, something challenging, something difficult. Perceiving world with new attitude, excitement and vigour! Accomplishing uncertain an...

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Board Retreats

Board Retreats

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Adventure Programs

Adventure Programs

There is no better way to break free of the humdrums of daily life, than to seek out an adventure. Its not just refreshing for your mind but also for your body. Our adventure progr...

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