Outdoor Trainer Course 2019

Fulfilling outdoor experiences have become a new trend, with half the world looking for an avenue to escape into nature. We at Trailblazers are more than happy to provide these enriching experiences to people, far from the maddening crowd.


If leading groups on these exciting journeys is something that interests you, this is the course for you!


Through the Trailblazers Outdoor Trainer Course, you will interact and learn from some of the best outdoor instructors. The course includes indoor and outdoor sessions on a variety of subjects such as Outdoor Survival skills, Wildlife, Creativity, Group Dynamics, Psychology and many more.




  • Learn the basics of the world of outdoors from wildlife, adventure, photography, camper psychology and much more
  • As part of the course, experience Trailblazers camps, all expenses paid
  • Upon successful completion, direct eligibility to become a paid part-time Camp Leader with Trailblazers
  • Interact with a range of outdoor experts from different fields


Participants Love this Camps

I aim to be a travel blogger and the course helped me better understand travel , photography and learning…

Shubhangi, OTC participant

I was an introvert and today I am confident of addressing an audience and taking sessions…

Tanuja, OTC participant

Through the course I have travelled to various places and met new people..

Deval, OTC participant


Following is the sample course structure:

Session 1

  • Introduction to Camping
  • Basics of Different Camp Types- Adventure, Wildlife, Culture, Curriculum Based, different Boards etc.
  • Introduction to different ecosystems- forests, mountains, oceans, rivers
  • Introduction to Wildlife- Plants, Snakes, Animals, Birds

Session 2

  • Introduction to Adventure & know your equipment
  • Basics of First Aid- Breathing, Breaking, Burns, Bites
  • Cultural Toursim & Incorporation of Art, Dance & Music on camps
  • Basics of Outdoor Photography

Session 3

  • Public Speaking- Voice Projection/ modulation & Crowd Control
  • Public Relations & Business Communication
  • Camper Psychology
  • Leadership skills, Team Dynamics and Work Allocation

Session 4

  • Nature Trail
  • Sample Games, Ice Breakers, Energizers etc.
  • Itinerary planning & Site Recconnaisance
  • Camp Execution: Pre, On, Post Camp tasks
  • Risk Assessment
  • Presentations 

Overnight Outdoor Session

  • Compass reading
  • Survival activity
  • Conducting Team Games
  • Camp Simulation
  • Crisis Management & SOP during Crisis
  • Safety and Evacuation


  • 4 Indoor Sessions
  • 1 Outdoor Session
  • 1 Overnight camp
  • Training & Course Material
  • Taxes
Course Dates

Indoor Sessions

  • Sunday, 5th May 2019
  • Sunday, 12th May 2019
  • Sunday, 19th May 2019
  • Sunday, 26th May 2019 (half day)

Outdoor Session

  • Sunday 26th May 2019 (half day)

Overnight Outdoor Session

  • First/ Second weekend in June

Price per

inclusive of training, course material, overnight camp, taxes

Total Price

inclusive of training, course material, overnight camp, taxes
12600 inclusive of training, course material, overnight camp, taxes
05th May to 09th Jun 2019
18-50 Years
6 Days
20 Participants

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