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We all go through life jumping from one stage to the next either because society demands it or because of peer pressure, never really taking a pause to understand ourselves. This is exactly what the Gap Experience allows you to do! Discover your interests, passions and strengths in a challenging environment. The best way to learn about yourself is by being with people who are very different from you, helping you to broaden your perspectives. 

Through our programme, adapt desirable 21st century skills, highly valued in the corporate world, while exploring unique places in India. A perfect blend of wanderlust therapy, fun, community service and collaboration. If you are looking for a life changing experience that prepares you for the real world, this is the programme for you


Chennai, known as the Gateway to Southern India is a coastal city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Formerly known as Madras, it is now a major administrative and cultural center. With a perfect blend of traditionalism and modernism it caters to a wide variety of travellers. With temples dating back to the 8th century to Gothic structures such as Fort George perfectly depict the history of this city. The food from this region is a celebrated cuisine worldwide, a full meal called Sappaducaters to all the six tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungent and astringent. Being a coastal city, the weather is humid and warm. The long stretches of beaches offer a perfect place to take away the stress of the hustle and bustle. 


•Explore the fascinating heritage of Chennai and Pondicherry

•Experience Tamil culture, cuisine, food and history

•Study and observe the environment concerns faced by the city.

•Contribute as volunteers in environmental, educational and social activities

•Understand the world of eco friendly architectures and natural materials

•Test your endurance by participating in rigorous earth friendly constructions

•Discover yourself as you face a new environment and learn to adapt.


Week 1 : Welcome to Chennai!
Fly into to the bustling city of Chennai. Chennai, a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional, experience two contrasting sides of India in this bustling city. Being a coastal city, the weather is like any other tropical destination – humid. In your first week you will attend a detailed orientation to the programme and get familiar with the city’s sights, sounds and pace. You will also undergo an introductory language training session that will make you familiar with phrases that can help you during your stay. From a diverse cuisine to observing the classical forms of dance that originate from this region to visiting UNESCO heritage sites, acquaint yourself with the soul of the city. Every evening will be spent in reflecting on days achievement and what have been the take away each day. 

Week 2: Urban conservation
Join hands with leading conservationists to learn about the concept of urban conservation. This week you will be involved in ecologically restoring freshwater bodies around Chennai, which act as a lifeline for the city’s water supply. Understand how small actions can go long way in conserving groundwater and preserving this life-giving commodity. Discover the interesting world of the intertidal zone through a beach walk and get to know its inhabitants. Experience the impacts of humans on natural landscapes first-hand as you get ready for beach cleaning activities. Help spread the message of urban conservation through fun wall painting activities across the city. A lot of discussions and debates every evening will churn ideas to make world a better place.

Week 3 and 4: Back to Earth

Drive to Pondicherry and settle into a sustainable community at Auroville. An experimental township, the principle behind this community is harmony with others and the environment. Here you will spend 2 weeks of minimal and conscious living. Participate in construction activities that make the use of ecologically responsible material. Take up micro projects and hone your skills of creativity and flexibility. Understand why sustainability is the need of the hour. During the week you will be involved in and learn a variety of methods earth friendly construction such as mud plastering, understanding building biology and woodwork. In your free time explore the vibrant city of Pondicherry!

A lot of introspection will be achieved during the evening debrief which will bring about a great learning of self.


Week 5: Optional Adventure week 

Get your dose of adrenaline by completing your open water course with a renowned dive school in Pondicherry. Explore life below the sea and learn about the reef conservation in one of India’s largest artificial reef system. The marine world is an enigmatic one with bizarre and vibrant life forms. Not only will you be learning about diving, but you will also be involved in awareness activities about marine conservation. Understand the concept of buoyancy as you learn to adjust your oxygen tanks and enjoy the ethereal feeling of diving in the deep blue! In the stark silence of the Bay of Bengal, discover a new side to yourself amongst corals and schools of colourful fish! Celebrate the ocean and this unique habitat that we don’t get to witness quite often.


Price includes basic accommodation, travel in and around Chennai, Pondicherry, simple breakfast and lunches, accident insurance,  supervised programme by trained counsellors from Trailblazers, certificate.  

Price does not include Taxes, Travel from home destination to Chennai and back, Evening snacks, dinner, Optional courses like SCUBA diving. Items not mentioned in the course includes section.

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