A day long trek in the Sahyadaris or exploring an ancient cave can be a great way to get your team to bond with each other and help build stronger and more effective working relationships. Trailblazers offers you a wide range of destinations to choose from, to take your team out of their cubicles and into the wild! Getting out of your comfort zone and close to nature helps you unwind and discover yourself as well as possibilities you never thought existed. We offer a unique, customizable programme specifically tailored to fit into a busy schedule without compromise on quality of services or safety, with trained professionals leading treks and excursions. Our staff is certified in First Aid and trained to pay keen attention to detail to ensure you have a fulfilling experience with us.

Having worked with companies such as Huntsman and Boehringer Ingelheim, and seen the positive impact an outdoor adventure can have on a team, we are forever driven to provide the best to our clients.

To know more, contact us and we’ll make sure your team loves you for choosing Trailblazers!