At Trailblazers we forge partnerships with companies to conceive, conceptualize and execute corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects for them. Our CSR programmes are tailor-made for each Organization. Keeping in mind the company profile and its CSR activities in the past, we formulate each and every aspect of the programme after thorough research. Most of our CSR activities are focused on the critical issues of environment or education or a blend of both, depending on what the company prefers.

All our programmes provide space for creative thinking and finding logical solutions to issues confronting the society. We ensure that the projects guarantee development that creates substantial, sustainable change through the empowerment of the whole community.

We follow the unique module of simulation, innovation, motivation and participation to achieve our objective of quality service with optimum safety levels in all our programmes. Key persons of the Trailblazers team are trained in safety, adventure activities and multidimensional learning modules, all of which contribute towards delivering a potent, high-impact learning experience with tangible metrics to measure the results from your CSR project.

Some of our award-winning CSR programmes include the “Multiply the Message” campaign for DOW Chemicals and the “PEACE Project” for Procter & Gamble. Each CSR programme is unique and very specific in nature; designed as per the aim, objectives and other requirements of our clients. A frame-work with budget, action plan for implementing the project, follow-up and benefits can be compiled along with other relevant details once the project is approved. For further details and information regarding the programmes and procedures, please do get in touch with us.