Collaborative Project Work
An opportunity to team up with other IB schools help reinforce the global nature of IB programme. Such collaboration facilitates communication, sharing and learning together and helps exploration with students from other schools. Such collaboration can provide platform by which IB students can interact, work on the same project and thereby strengthen IB's ability to connect its community members to each other. One of the aims is to develop and apply the students information and communication technology skills in the study of science.

The group 4 projects are an excellent platform where students from different schools can collaborative activity allowing for concepts and perceptions to be shared. Through such collaborative project we aim to foster inter cultural understanding and respect, sharing of resources, knowledge and experience. These collaborative works helps students to be compassionate, share ideas and practices from different corners of the country and seek and evaluate a range of different ideas and views.
TRAILBLAZERS designs and executes outdoor programmes for international schools from across India and we can act as the nucleus/base camp for all collaborating schools. We shall suggest the theme for the project and the schools can discuss the same. The project is designed to meet the guidelines of group 4 subjects. The outdoor destination for the project is chosen after consultation with collaborating schools. The schools interested to be part of the project can get in touch with Trailblazers. Trailblazers will be the guide and can direct the schools, give ideas and help in data collection, analysis and summation. However every school will be free to formulate their own vision of the project. Collaborating schools can discuss project development online.