The Group 4 Project is a chance to come together as scientists and think about how science can address pressing current issues. We at Trailblazers realize that the role of the scientist is becoming increasingly important in policy decision-making and communication to the public – and this is what we aim to model in our approach to the Group 4 Project. We encourage the student to research and investigate the fundamental science and its potential impacts on the world.

The IB project is a significant piece of work that requires thorough planning and research. Our projects aim to develop an understanding of, and an appreciation of how the environment operates as an integrated system and how biological, geological, and physical processes determine the way it functions. The exclusive project by Trailblazers would form one part of the student’s practical experience and also encourage students to appreciate the environmental, social and cultural implications of science.

We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor all of our trips to meet the requirements of individual schools. Trailblazers experts aid not only in planning but also, take the process through to completion under the supervision of our specialist in the field. 

All the field sciences, surveys, data collection, statistical analysis, debates and discussion, lab techniques etc. will be bringing in Theory of Knowledge. This will also help them in individual experimental learning, self-development and group learning.
The experiments are chosen to include physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science, thus covering all G4 subjects.