General Studies
Practical application of physics/chemistry/math concepts, theories and laws are covered through field experiments. Village surveys on subjects relevant to the area studied and analysis of the survey data using mathematical and statistical inputs are designed. Industrial visits, visit to dams, museums, meteorology department (all visits possible with prior permissions), is also organized for students. Projects are customized to illustrate students how/what they learn in the classroom is applied in reality.

We will also be including importance of environment science and through that we will be relating how chemistry, biology and physics are all part of or helpful studying environmental sciences.


Forest, Fresh Water & Sea Shore Study
Under Trailblazers expertise students explore the ecosystem, investigate the different ecosystem communities, biotic and abiotic elements and evaluate the concepts of interdependence and adaptation that are key to their existence in that ecosystem.

Students collect data to investigate trends and patterns in the natural environment. We aim to provide a firsthand fieldwork experience to students. During the course of project, students will be introduced to various survey techniques (quadrat and transect methods), procedures to analyse biodiversity, physical and chemical characteristics of the ecosystem. Students also perform Habitat observation and human impact assessment.

From the data collected evaluate the ecosystem, analyze the level of pollution and deduce the effect of human impact on environment.