Hampi (4 days/3 nights)
History in Carvings
The austere, grandiose site of Hampi was the last capital of the last great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar. Its fabulously rich princes built Dravidian temples and palaces, which won the admiration of travellers between the 14th and 16th centuries. Conquered by the Deccan Muslim confederacy in 1565, the city was pillaged over a period of six months before being abandoned.

Looking at the scuffy village today, it’s difficult to believe that Badami was once the capital of the Chalukya Empire, which covered much of the central Deccan between the 4th and 8th centuries AD. However, climb up into the red sandstone ridge and explore the magnificent rock-cut cave temples surrounding the village, and you’ll find ample evidence of Badami’s former status.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Study the influence of Dravidians and its contribution to Indian history
  • Visit the UNESCO sites of the Vijaynagar Kingdom
  • To develop an understanding of the history of India through the rock-cut cave temples of Badami
  • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a dam, by visit to the Tungabhadra
  • Build your own monument- Fun clay activity session
Best Time to Travel: August- February

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Odisha (5 days/4 nights)
The Konark Splendour
Odisha, an Indian state located on the south-east coast offers blend of History, Architecture and Nature Study. Also known as soul of India, Odisha is filled with exquisite temples, extraordinary monuments, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and natural landscape of often-enchanting beauty. Asia's largest brackish water lake, Chilika not only provides a haven for millions of birds,but also is one of the few places in India where one can view dolphins. The wildlife sanctuaries of here are a fantastic example of species conservation. Interaction with the various tribes of Odisha provides valuable insight about living in oneness with nature.
An opportunity to learn and understand the unique craft of Orissa – Pipli and SILVER Filigree work is sure to be the highlight of the visit. School can contact Trailblazers executives to tailor this programme to suit the CAS, G4, EVS requirements.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the biodiversity and the largest fresh water lake ecosystem of the Chilka Water Lagoon
  • Visit the architectural marvels, UNESCO Heritage Sites – Konark Sun Temple
  • Understand the marine ecosystem of the Puri beach
  • Witness the dying art of filigree silver work
  • Explore the wildlife and endangered species at the Nandankanan Zoological park
Best Time to Travel: August - April

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Royal Invite (6 days/5 nights)
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the Forest ecosystem – biodiversity of India
  • Develop a keen sense of nature study and its unique components like the soil, water, and flora fauna
  • Get insights into the man-forest conflict and find possible logical solutions to the problem
  • Explore the ancient scientific weather predictions at Jantar Mantar and exquisite carvings of forts & palaces
Best Time to Travel: October - June
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Puducherry (4 days/3 nights)
French Connection
"Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity."

A remarkable degree of French influence in Pondicherry exists to this date. Pondicherry was designed based on the French (originally Dutch) grid pattern and features neat sectors and perpendicular streets. The town is divided into two sections: the French Quarter (Ville Blanche or 'White town') and the Indian quarter (Ville Noire or 'Black Town'). Many streets still retain their French names, and French style villas are a common sight.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Study the history of India and the changes that occurred during the French & British rule. Understand its effect of the development of India
  • Experience harmony by visiting the renowned institute of Peace & Literature at Pondicherry
  • Develop an understanding of the contribution of local environmental issues that impact the overall global conservation
  • Study and understand the effect of the French Culture in the development of Pondicherry
Best Time to Travel: September - March

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Kerala (6 days/5 nights)
The Spice Trail
With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering in the east and networked by 44 rivers, no surprise that Kerala is designated as one of the ten paradises of the world by the National Geographic Traveler. An equable climate, a long shoreline with serene beaches, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, exotic wildlife, sprawling plantations and paddy fields, enchanting art forms, magical festivals, historic and cultural monuments and exotic cuisine...all of which offer not only a memorable visit experience to students but also unique learning opportunity. A singular advantage no other destination offers.

This Trailblazers programme can be tailor made to meet the G4, CAS, GP, EVS, SUPW requirements of the curriculum.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Explore the Periyar sanctuary and understand man – forest conflict
  • Learn about the impact on economy due to tourism
  • History of British colonial and Dutch influence on local culture
  • Experience the cuisine, art and culture of Southern India
  • Heritage walk in the Jewish lane
  • Visit the spice plantations and the importance of weather in cultivation of various spices
  • Study the geographical feature of backwaters and lagoons
Best Time to Travel: October - March

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Goa (6 days/5 nights)
Silver Sands
Swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters: the three essential elements that attract millions of visitors annually to Goa’s balmy shores that are plentiful in this tiny, glorious slice of India hugging the country’s western coastline and bounded by the Arabian Sea.

A solitary Portuguese outpost in India for almost 500 years, the influence of colonial rule can still be seen everywhere: in the exquisite, crumbling architecture; in the East-meets-West cuisine, and in the siesta-saturated joie de vivre that Goans themselves call susegad.There's far more to discover here than the exquisite pleasure of warm sand between your toes. 
Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn about the Portuguese influence over India
  • Study the importance of the spice plantation
  • Understanding the processing of cashew nuts
  • Learn about the wonders of science at the Goa Science Center
  • Study the architecture of various churches
Best Time to Travel: October - March

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