To establish Trailblazers as the foremost outbound education company in the world.

To provide experiences that will bring about Learning for Life.

Our Trail

Trailblazers started out on a journey of discovery, learning and sharing in the summer of 1993. It was registered as a Private Limited company in 1994. The journey has since been one big learning curve full of surprises, fun and rewards with some disappointments as well.

What has set Trailblazers on this journey is the commitment of its team which is young, enthusiastic and full of innovation and this great desire to serve. No, we are not perfect but we do have the gall to say we will achieve perfection some time soon in the not too distant future with a little help and encouragement from you. We are getting there......

What sets Trailblazers apart...

We travel but are not tour operators, We share, teach and learn with children but are not a school, We train corporate managers, teachers and professors but are not a training college, We work with companies and NGOs but are not an Engineering or a consultancy firm. So in this trying to define ourselves syndrome, we have concluded we are The Outdoor School. And Nature is our Guru.

Although our forte remains the Environment and Wildlife we are able to incorporate elements of our culture, history, geography, sociology, anthropology and the sciences in our teaching modules. Environment is an all encompassing subject.

Our programmes for individuals, families, corporate and academic institutions be it tourism related, training based or plain fun incorporates your mindspace in our programmes and we just become facilitators of your dreams and desires.

For academic institutions in particular we are able to work out the outdoor programmes based on their requirement viz. what they plan to teach and are presently teaching. This way we are facilitating their work in the classroom . This obviously means we need to spend quality time with the teachers/professors coordinating the outbound programme. We also learn the specific comfort requirements of each individual student and teacher.

Since our comfort remains in the area of our outdoor education, we go that extra mile to ensure the safety of students and teachers alike. After all we were the first ones to insure students even for their programmes in India.

Covering over 200 premiere institutions in Mumbai alone, Trailblazers organizes extraordinary learning programmes for schools/colleges across India including the Deutsche Schule of Bombay International, Mercedes Benz International School - Pune, La Martinere Schools for boys - Kolkata, Mallya Aditi International School - Bangalore, American School of Bombay, Ecole Mondiale World School - Mumbai, Laxmipat Singhania Academy - Kolkata etc.

Our range of products for schools can cost as less as Rs. 300/- per child and can go upto Rs. 2,00,000/- for our International skill development programmes including the December ski/snowboard programme to Switzerland, adventure and culture camp to Japan, Canada, France, Spain and Switzerland.

What makes us different from any other institution is the people behind the programme. All our instructors are qualified graduates and post graduates and toppers in the University. We all love India with a passion of a revolutionary and therefore our journeys with children across India is a journey of passion where we wish to share this great nation's wealth of the past and the immense possibilities of the future just like you. We have an excellent Research & Development team which brings out special literature for every visit we undertake. We are great communicators and all are qualified in delivering first aid. But most of all we wish to share this passion with the inheritors of the country and world - our children.

YES we can't forget to mention a unique learning project entitled Young Earth Scientists ( YES ) undertaken for schools over 4 weekends purely to those interested from grades 6 & 7. The project entitled Y oung E arth S cientist ( YES ).

Our work in the corporate world has brought us accolades. Our programme varies from team building programmes for HUNTSMAN to the brilliant project conceived and executed by Trailblazers for Proctor & Gamble entitled Programme on Environment Action and Conservation Education (PEACE) won the best corporate social project from the Bombay Chamber of Commerce, besides getting International recognition from the P&G Head quarters in Cincinnati, USA.

Our report on the people's perception about the environment on behalf of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) New York, USA got stunning reviews globally. The inputs of which have now been incorporated in global communications including UN, broadcasters and more importantly the advertising fraternity. Trailblazers was inducted to do the India Report. Our 12 films out of the 18 done for Zee television Hum Zameen have been awarded the best television programme content & research award.

What we value most though is our numerous interactions with academicians in our Training Workshops. We have realized that in all these interactions we learn from all of you more than what we profess to share. We all believe that the single biggest contributors to 'India Shining' are neither the politicians nor the engineers, lawyers, doctors or the Indian International diaspora but academicians from small mofusil towns, municipal schools to impressive new institutions like the clutch of new international schools. All this unfortunately goes unrecognized.

We have had the pleasure of partnering hundreds of academic institutions in their aim and objective to excel, besides this Trailblazers partners voluntary organisations like share working for street children, Yusuf Meherally Center a rural NGO, Pride India and many more.

And our story is just beginning..

Trailblazers Foundation

Trailblazers Foundation, registered in 2014, is a voluntary organization which undertakes social initiatives in the field of environment, education & research, capacity building in schools, sustainable development, climate change, health, wild life and promotion of fundamental science amongst our society which is so focused on our gen next only moving to applied sciences.

The foundation is supported in its initiative by Trailblazers Adventure Travel Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading outbound education companies in India, besides numerous well-wishers from the government, industry and the general public.


Environment Consultancy
Environmental impact Assessments related to pollution, waste disposal, Hazardous Waste Management, Risk Assessment, Environment Audit, Flora Fauna Studies, Landscapes Designing, etc.

Environment Education
Programmes commonly known as Camp Habitat programmes, basically cater to academic institutions, organisations, clubs. These programmes are conducted at Duchy of Kalhatty, Karnala, Karjat, Mahabaleshwar, Kanha National Park, Mukteshwar, Nainital Jaipur, Pondicherry to name a few. These programmes are targeted at young children and the youth by developing a system of education that complements formal education using camps, hands-on experience, simulations, music, projects, trails, etc.

Trips to eco-sensitive destinations are organised to introduce people to the thrill and adventure of the great outdoors. These ecotours are designed for individuals, families, institutions and interest specific groups. Heritage walking tours and Sahyadri trekking in Maharashtra are some of the varied programmes.

International Representation
Trailblazers is proud to collaborate with some of the finest institutes in Japan, France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Mauritius and Egypt that give education and adventure a special dimension. Representing India solely, Trailblazers avails the youth in India the opportunity to interact with students at an international level and thereby expose them to international standards of learning and adventure.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Trailblazers conceive, conceptualize and execute Corporate Social Responsibility projects for corporate companies. The CSR programmes are tailor-made for each organisation and designed keeping in mind company’s areas of interest and concerns. The programmes provide space for creative thinking and finding logical solutions to issues confronting the society.

Why choose Trailblazers?
Trailblazers Mantra
  • Everyone at Trailblazers is committed to ensuring that the children receive best possible all round experience
  • Safety is our absolute priority; we set high standards of safety and quality services to all our clients
  • All our camps exceeding three days, the group is insured with New Indian Assurance Co. Ltd.
  • Key persons of the team are trained in Europe for safety, adventure activities and multidimensional learning modules
  • All our programmes provide space for creative thinking and finding logical solutions to issues confronting the society
  • We follow the unique module of simulation, innovation, motivation, discipline, and hands on experience to achieve our objective of quality service at optimum safety in all our programmes